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Delamination of recreational vehicles

Our delamination workshop for recreational vehicles is located in Granby.

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Specialist in delamination of recreational vehicles in Granby

Have you noticed unsightly bubbles on the body of your recreational vehicle? Do not delay considering delamination treatment to preserve the vehicle's condition.

As specialists in the field in Granby, we provide solutions for abnormal ripples that may appear on the exterior coating.

Neglecting these signs can lead to the formation of mold between the walls of the motorhome, posing a risk not only to respiratory health but also to the durability of your recreational vehicle.

We perform delamination of your recreational vehicle to preserve its condition

Delamination of Recreational Vehicles Granby
Our services
  • Delamination of recreational vehicles
  • Roof repair for recreational vehicles
  • Mold treatment in recreational vehicles
  • Aesthetic restoration of recreational vehicles
  • Dent removal for recreational vehicle bodywork
  • Painting work for recreational vehicles
  • Aesthetic modifications for recreational vehicles
  • Insurance assessment for recreational vehicles
Our guarantees
  • Family expertise of over 10 years
  • Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction
  • Comprehensive range of services
  • Customization and attention to detail
Intervention zone

Our workshop is located in Granby.

Why perform delamination of recreational vehicles?

Early intervention for the delamination of your recreational vehicle is essential to prevent degradation.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, this can directly affect your health and the longevity of your motorized recreational vehicle. With a solid experience in delamination, we preserve the integrity of the body, ensuring the longevity of your recreational vehicle.

We also perform other works such as roof repair, body dent removal, painting, and aesthetic modification.

Take advantage of our delamination service for recreational vehicles in Granby

Delamination Service for Recreational Vehicles Granby